This range features the beers that were with us when we first launched and that our fans (you) have come to know and love. They’re a range of great flavoured, sessionable craft beers.
This range features the beers that were with us when we first launched and that our fans (you) have come to know and love. They’re a range of great flavoured, sessionable craft beers.


6 pack 330ml, 25L keg

In 1879 Edison invented the lightbulb, making the world a much less squinty place. In honour of the world's greatest bright idea, we've created an all-malt brew with Nelson hops, a full body and 2.5% alcohol. We're not saying it's a better idea than the lightbulb, but it tastes much nicer.
BREWER'S NOTES: This is a 100% all malt brew using carefully selected specialty grains and higher mashing temperatures to deliver a reduced alcohol ferment with maximum flavour, full body and head with balanced bitterness and aroma from NZ's best Nelson hops.
FOOD MATCH: Seafood or Light Asian dishes – the Light Beer won’t overpower the delicate flavours but will cleanse the palate.


6 pack 330ml, 25L keg

We asked the 999 New Zealanders on our Tasting Committee what they wanted in a lager and The Chosen One was the answer. It’s the biscuity malt base, soft bitterness and pleasant hop aroma of the Golden Lager that won them over. Mild, fruity, and clearly very popular.
BREWER'S NOTES: The Golden Lager is the milder flavoured sibling of the range with NZ grown Pilsner and Munich malts making a pleasant biscuity malt base overlaid with a soft bitterness and flavour from NZ Wakatu hops and the finished with a dash of Motueka on the aroma. Mild fruity notes should be present from the fermentation rounding off the flavour portfolio.
FOOD MATCH: A delicately herbed chicken OR a tomato-based pasta – the crispness of our Golden Lager will cut through the herbs and cleanse your palate, without overpowering the meal.


6 pack 330ml, 12 pack 330ml, 25L keg

Flying Fortress Ale symbolises everything great about beer: big taste, graceful aroma and two massive engines on each wing. Pale Ale malts combined with chocolate and caramel variants make an awesomely complex base, with NZ-grown Motueka and Pacific Jade hops for aroma and bitterness. Adjust your helmet and strap yourself in.
BREWER'S NOTES: Our NZ Pale Ale uses an American Ale yeast especially selected and imported for this beer. On top of the majority pale ale malt we’ve added crystal, chocolate and caramel malts to make an awesomely complex, sweet, malt base which shouts of the toffee, roast and chocolate notes that go into it. This all acts again as a base for the fantastic NZ grown Motueka, Cascade and Wakatu hops to shine on the top in the aroma and flavour.
FOOD MATCH: BBQ meats – our NZ Pale Ale will help cut through the smoky flavours of BBQ’d meats whilst also cleansing the palate for the next mouthful.


6 pack 330ml, 12 pack 330ml, 25L keg

The Bouncing Czech is named after the town of Plzeň in the Czech Republic. For centuries Plzeň produced a beer famed for its strong hoppy taste. For a similar style we use Cascade and Pacifica hops to produce a citrusy, bitter pilsner that’ll bounce round your mouth like a rabbit on a trampoline.
BREWER'S NOTES: Our Pilsner is the hop accentuated beer in the range. We use NZ grown Cascade and Pacifica hops for the aroma and flavour portions with the malt background coming from Pilsner and wheat malts. What you’re left with is a citrusy bitter lager beer that challenges the taste buds, but you'll find that once you've had one of these nothing else quite matches up to it (apart from maybe the Amber Ale).
FOOD MATCH: Seafood (shellfish or fish) – our Pilsner will scrub the palate for a dish like calamari, but will also bring out the full flavours of oysters or crayfish.


6 pack 330ml, 12 pack 330ml

Back in the British Raj, elephant-riding, tea-swilling settlers were in dire need of rescuing from the Indian sun. And so the India Pale Ale was born. Our interpretation is authentically brewed with loads of Cascade hops and has floral aromas, malty sweetness and a lingering dry finish. But enough of that Mumbo Jumbo.
BREWER'S NOTES: This is our interpretation of an authentically brewed India Pale Ale, We increased the non-carbonate water hardness, lowered our mash PH and produced a highly attenuated copper coloured beer that is loaded with hops. The 90 minute boil and Pacifica hops contribute a credible level of bitterness and the late hop addition imparts flavours aligned with the English hop varietals used at the time.
FOOD MATCH: Curries or Spice dishes – the hoppier flavour of our IPA does a great job of cutting through the spice of a hot curry.