Bouncing Czech Pilsner Lager

6 pack 330ml, 12 pack 330ml, 25L keg

The Bouncing Czech is named after the town of Plzeň in the Czech Republic. For centuries Plzeň produced a beer famed for its strong hoppy taste. For a similar style we use Cascade and Pacifica hops to produce a citrusy, bitter pilsner that’ll bounce round your mouth like a rabbit on a trampoline.

BREWER’S NOTES: Our Pilsner is the hop accentuated beer in the range. We use NZ grown Cascade and Pacifica hops for the aroma and flavour portions with the malt background coming from Pilsner and wheat malts. What you’re left with is a citrusy bitter lager beer that challenges the taste buds, but you’ll find that once you’ve had one of these nothing else quite matches up to it (apart from maybe the Amber Ale).

FOOD MATCH: Seafood (shellfish or fish) – our Pilsner will scrub the palate for a dish like calamari, but will also bring out the full flavours of oysters or crayfish.