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Chocka Hopa

Pale Ale
Available in:
6 pack 330ml,25L keg
Ale, Toffee, Roasted Barley
A unique blend of South Island aroma hops

Our Chocka Hopa is crammed full of the tastiest bits of the South Island. We’ve used only New Zealand hops and a selection of malts all sourced from ‘The Mainland’ to brew this hop-forward pale ale with citrus aromas, toffee malts and a smooth amber base. It’s as South Island as scarfies, cribs, and cheese rolls.

BREWER’S NOTES: Obvious hop forward aromas of fresh lime and lemon zest first up. Then along comes a background of crushed gooseberries and fresh apricot stone fruit, meanwhile the biscuity ale base rumbles along to the finish.

FOOD MATCH: BBQ meats or spicy curries – pale ales are a great match for the smoky flavours of BBQ meats, but given our South Island pale ale is a rather hop-forward beer, it’s also a great match for spicy curries.

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