Light as in lower alcohol

Thomas Edison

Light Beer
Available in:
6 pack 330ml,25L keg
Pale Ale, Crystal, Wheat, Amber
Motueka, Cascade, Green Bullet

In 1879 Edison invented the lightbulb, making the world a much less squinty place. In honour of the world’s greatest bright idea, we’ve created an all-malt brew with Nelson hops, a full body and 2.5% alcohol. We’re not saying it’s a better idea than the lightbulb, but it tastes much nicer.

BREWER’S NOTES: This is a 100% all malt brew using carefully selected specialty grains and higher mashing temperatures to deliver a reduced alcohol ferment with maximum flavour, full body and head with balanced bitterness and aroma from NZ’s best Nelson hops.

FOOD MATCH: Seafood or Light Asian dishes – the Light Beer won’t overpower the delicate flavours but will cleanse the palate.

Knowing when
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